Active Directory Management Framework

Configuration driven Active Directory management.

Core deployment settings

You can deploy new forests, child-domains or member-DCs using the following commands:


There are a few considerations specific to deploying domain controllers:

These can be configured by using a configuration file, however those can also be defined per parameter when calling any of the Install-DC* commands. To configure any of these settings, create a file directly in the dc folder of a context named dc_config.json and define the values.

Example configuration file content:

    "NoDNS":  false,
    "NoReboot":  false,
    "LogPath":  "C:\\Windows\\NTDS",
    "SysvolPath":  "C:\\Windows\\SYSVOL",
    "DatabasePath":  "C:\\Windows\\NTDS"

These in fact are the default values used when no configuration is provided. Only define properties you want to define - a partial configuration is totally fine.