Active Directory Management Framework

Configuration driven Active Directory management.

Group Policy Registry Settings


This Component allows you to define individual registry settings defined for a Group Policy.

These registry settings are only applied to Group Policy Objects defined in the ADMF - they will not be applied to GPOs outside of this solution!

Example Configurations

Extend the group policy “SEC-T0-UserBaseline” by having it set ScreenSaveTimeOut to 300 seconds:

    "PolicyName":  "SEC-T0-UserBaseline",
    "Key":  "HKCU\\Software\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Control Panel\\Desktop",
    "ValueName":  "ScreenSaveTimeOut",
    "Value":  300,
    "Type":  "DWord"

Extends the group policy “C-S-CA-EnrollmentPolicy” by using the Domain Data Component to retrieve some data and injecting it into the policy under the specified key as the default value:

    "PolicyName":  "C-S-CA-EnrollmentPolicy",
    "Key":  "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Cryptography\\PolicyServers",
    "ValueName":  "(Default)",
    "Type":  "String",
    "DomainData":  "PolicyID"



This parameter uses name resolution.

Name of the group policy object to attach this setting to.


This parameter uses name resolution.

The registry key affected.


This parameter uses name resolution.

The name of the value to modify.


ParameterSet: Value

The value to insert into the specified registry-key-value.


ParameterSet: DomainData

Instead of offering an explicit value, have the resulting value calculated by a scriptblock executed against the target domain. In opposite to ADMF Contexts, DomainData data gathering scriptblocks are executed on a per-domain basis. While a Context supports integrating logic, Contexts themselves are not re-run when switching to another domain with the same Context choice.

DomainData gathering logic can be configured using the Domain Data Component.


What kind of registry value should be defined? Supported types: