Active Directory Management Framework

Configuration driven Active Directory management.

Forest Level


The Forest Level Component enables defining a desired functional level for the managed forest. The functional level defines what Active Directory features are available to the forest.

Defining Forest Level

To do define the Forest Level, place a file named firest_level.json straight in the forest folder.

This file should be a simple json object with a single property: Level.

Example content:

    "Level":  "2016"

Supported values: 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016

It is impossible to downgrade a forest functional level, so even if you define a low level, it will not be applied if the domain is already at a higher level.

It is impossible to upgrade the forest to a level not yet reached by all member domains. In order to upgrade the forest functional level, be sure to first update every single domain.